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\Cat"ling\, n. [Cat + -ing.]
1. A little cat; a kitten. ``Cat nor catling.'' --Drummond.
2. Catgut; a catgut string. [R.] --Shak.
3. (Surg.) A double-edged, sharp-pointed dismembering knife. [Spelt also catlin.] --Crobb.

See also: Obsessive. Dorky and loving it. Kind of crazy, but cute. Distractable. Easily entertained. Prolific in a not-so-interesting sort of way.

This lj is almost completely useless. Every now and then I try and make it less so, but mostly it's me rambling and not a whole lot else. Though sometimes there are icons. And fannish thoughts/obsession. And references to theoretical fic that I may or may not ever post, 'cause I'm cool like that. And, uh, other stuff? I like comments. But I'm pretty bad about commenting myself. So. That's that, I suppose.
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