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I am twitchy. This is probably not news; I have been particularly prickly lately.

Today was my first day of massage school. One of my housemates brought me flowers last night to celebrate. It was a half day, and pretty good; I was up by 6:15 and out by 7:20 to get there for the 8:30 class start. We got our books, did orientation crap, and then had the first Anatomy and Physiology 1 lecture. It is weird to be in school again. Or rather, it doesn't feel weird at all, because I've taken random classes and workshops off and on... I suspect it will feel weird in a few weeks. I don't have much homework yet, just read through the material from today's class, maybe some workbook pages, and to make flash cards (omg, I get to make flash cards!).

I'm trying to decide if its worth recording the lectures (a suggestion by the director)... if today is indicative, it is completely unnecessary. For A&P1, we get notes in a handout with spaces to write the few "most important" things that are on the powerpoint, and we go through it all, slowly. Sometimes I forget that I went to Smith when people tell me something is going to be challenging. Yeah, I'll have to actually study the material, but really? I've never taken a class elsewhere that approached some of my Smith classes. (/snob)

So, anyway, I'm going to have an hour commute to school twice a week. This is my call for music -- cds, playlists, mp3s, things that will keep me awake and upbeat driving up there at 7am. Please please please! I love mixes, but I am terrible at making them. I will trade you a... crafty thingum of some sort.

What else have I been doing? I'm looking for the perfect lunch carrying device. I've been searching through bento boxes and tupperware-y versions and have some ideas. There are apparently a few places to eat out for lunch near school (we get an hour break), but I think I am allergic to all of them. Stupid food allergies. Unfortunately, school has no microwave, so I'm going to be doing cold lunches for a while. At some point I need to get an insulated thermos thing for soups.

I did spend a few bucks on cute accessories to hold sauces and peanut butter and such in my lunch.
cute lunch )

I am also drooling over apartments. Not that I am moving for a long time, but lately I've been feeling particularly confined here, partly because of the kitchen-sharing difficulties that come with food allergies, partly because I just have too much stuff to share space with so many people. I suppose that's what happens when you do a little of EVERYTHING. My little space gets out of control so quickly. 'Course it's harder to keep up with it injured.

Foot's mostly better (*knocks on wood*). Yesterday it was really sore; I'd gone to yoga on Saturday and did too much standing at the gym on Friday and then walked around shops with no crutches. Whoops. I am down to one crutch, at least, and only really for stairs and long distances. But I just want to be done!

If you want to know what having dinner with my boyfriend and his dad is like, these are the jokes for you. (Also, the oatmeal is just awesome in general. I keep finding cool stuff there.)

Other interesting things:
-East Boston cat called to jury duty

-safeguard your digital camera--take a few photos which you never delete

-husband talks in his sleep, wife writes it down. hilarious

-courtesy of [ profile] rustycoon, this song/video is pretty fantastic, and sure got the message across.


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