Aug. 14th, 2011

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Haven't updated in ages, but I'd like to start, so I'm just going to start without finishing off the stories I was rambling on about previously.


Good Arbonne check-in call with my upline.... the holiday catalog is apparently amazing, with new sets of products that are gift-oriented and a brand new fragrance line. I'm excited to start back up with the business now that I'm settled in at work.

Practiced cello for nearly an hour. My arm is too tired to work any more on the pieces I've got (for my fourth lesson on Wednesday, but I mean srs bsns, guys.) but playing makes me really happy.


New England Regional Conference 2012 meeting for the AMTA.... first one I've been to (I missed the first one in June because I was at Spring). The first half was dreadfully boring, but I actually talked during the second half, when we were going over the proposed budget. I was dreading the meeting, but I think this will go pretty well. Volunteered for the NERC Policy committee, which should only have to meet twice, for dinner the evening before a full NERC committee meeting.

Going to the Natick Mall on MA tax-free weekend. Aurgh. Teavana was had, and we waited in line at the Apple store and picked up a trackpad that I forgot to order when I ordered my new MacBook Air tax-free on Saturday. I can't wait 'til the Air gets here... it is tiny and will be perfect to cart around to work and everywhere else. I haven't had my own laptop for a while (I've been borrowing Anthony's laptop from work), and I'm super excited. Also, I like tiny things.

This past week:

Grueling. Exhausting. Uterus has been trying to crawl out through my back since Thursday, and I'm starting to wonder how deep of a tunnel it's made. Good week work-wise, though. Had two days with three clients and two days with four. Definitely picked up from last week, though we're still in the summer slump. Once folks are back from vacations, I'mma make bank this fall.

This coming week:

Looking promising so far. Tomorrow's free, and I think I'll get my nails done, 'cause they're gross and they have to look nice for work. I at least need to get the shellac taken off, since it's on week three and mostly grown out and peeling. I'm hoping to get at least some organizing done in my room, continuing on Project File Cabinet. Tuesday is my long day at work, Wednesday I have tentative weather-permitting plans to kayak and then C is coming over for my cello lesson and her massage (best trade ever). I also set an actual goal to call two people about Arbonne by Wednesday, so I'll have to check in about that. Eep. I hate the phone. Thursday morning I AM GOING TO YOGA, DAMMIT, and now that I've said that out loud, you can all hold me to it. And then crazy work Thurs afternoon through Saturday... I don't do much else between those days but eat and sleep and maybe play a board game and practice.

And that's that. There, I wrote something.


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